​​​‘[T]he time has come for the Court to develop a new family and juvenile justice pathway…(taking) an integrated approach to tackling the problems of marital breakdown and poor parenting, which in turn lead to problems of juvenile delinquency, and, in a vicious circle, lead to problems of marital breakdown and poor parenting in the next generation…’
The former Chief Justice Yong Pung How
At the Opening of the Family and Juvenile Court Building
11 January 2002
In March 2002, the Counselling And Psychological Services (CAPS) was set up under the direction of the Senior District Judge and Registrar of the Subordinate Courts (then Subordinate Courts and now renamed as Family Justice Courts). The formation of CAPS stems from the vision of providing a holistic and integrated approach to the resolution of family-related cases. With the establishment of the Family Justice Courts on 1st October 2014, the mission statement “To provide accessible court services and administer justice for families through mediation, counselling and adjudication” clearly charts the evolution of CAPS’ role since its formation, to become an integral part of the justice process.
CAPS is currently staffed by a multi-disciplinary team of professional social workers, counsellors and psychologists, who serve as the social science arm of the Family Justice Courts and provides expertise on psychological and social issues that arise in the course of court proceedings.
Recognising that the courts are not merely places of complex legal problems but also crucibles of complex human interactions, CAPS provides an array of services to address a variety court users’ needs and constantly reviews its services and engages in various areas of research to meet the changing needs of society.
CAPS also works closely with the community to provide programmes to support families or individuals who require support on issues such as family violence, divorce and youth and children issues.
Services Provided by CAPS
The philosophies of transformative and restorative justice underlie all CAPS services to assist the Family Justice Courts in making decisions and facilitate positive transformation of individuals and families and ensure the best interest of children even after the court process.
  • Divorce and Custody Conciliation
  • Brief Crisis Support Counselling
  • Custody and Access Evaluation
  • Family Violence Assessment and Counselling
  • Family Conferences
  • Co-mediation with Judges
  • Mental Health Related Training
  • Crisis Consultation and Intervention



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