Please be informed that all registries at Havelock Square will be closed on Saturdays with effect from 4 August 2018.

Applicants for maintenance and protection orders can continue to access the iFAMS system at to prepare their applications for maintenance and protection orders and proceed to their choice of designated agencies or FJC on any weekday to complete the application process. Applicants will need to have an active SingPass ID and Password to access iFAMS.

If you are in need of urgent assistance from family violence, please proceed to the nearest Police Centre from your home or the Police Cantonment Complex, at 393 New Bridge Road (which is 1 MRT station away from Chinatown Station).

Alternatively, you may wish to call the following Help-lines:
• ComCare: 1800-222-0000                 
• SOS: 1800-221-4444



Location and Operating Hours

Last updated on: 13/7/2018 8:37 AM


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