​​​​​​These are the forms used in the Family Justice Courts.

Form 37​Originating Summons For Adoption
Form 38​Adoption Statement
Form 39​Consent To Adoption Order And Dispensation of Service of Documents
Form 40​Request For Further Hearing Of Originating Summons
Form 41​Interim Adoption Order
Form 42​Adoption Order
Form 43​Adoption Order (Order Where Child Is Born Outside Singapore)
Form 44​Order Of Court
Form 45​Summons
​Form 210Cover Letter For Submission Of Original Birth Certificate In Adoption Proceedings



Form 217​Originating Summons For Mental Capacity Proceedings
Form 218​Affidavit
Form 219​Affidavit
Form 220​Affidavit
Form 221​Consent To Originating Summons And Dispensation Of Service Of Documents
Form 222​Notice To Relevant Persons
Form 223​Certificate Of Notification
Form 224​Affidavit
Form 187​Notice Of Address For Service On Child Representative
Form 188​Submission By Child Representative
​Form 189​Application For The Appointment Of Expert In Respect Of Custody And Access Issues
​Form 190​Letter Of Instruction To Expert Witness




Guardianship of Infants Act (GIA).zip

International Child Abduction Act (ICCA).zip

Maintenance and Family Violence.zip

Originating Summons.zip


Status of Children (Assisted Reproduction Act).zip


Suggested clauses for Central Provident Fund (CPF) matters 



Electronic filing

Please note that you must file or send all Court documents, except for maintenance summons and family violence cases, to the Court using the e-Litigation (e-Lit) You can file documents through the e-Litigation at the Lawnet & CrimsonLogic Service Bureau. There are two Service Bureaus in Singapore:

For more information on the LawNet & CrimsonLogic Service Bureau, you may wish to visit the e-Litigation website. The staff of the Family Justice Courts will be able to direct you to the LawNet & CrimsonLogic Service Bureau located at Chinatown Point, but will not be able to give you any specific information on the procedures and charges administered by the Service Bureau.



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