​‘Secondary legislation’ is a body of law comprised of rules and regulations made under powers conferred by primary legislation. This list includes secondary legislation relevant to matters within the jurisdiction of the Family Court. Some links in this list are external to the Family Court website check to ensure that you are referring to the version of the order, rules or regulations which incorporates the latest amendments.

A note on the applicable rules in matrimonial proceedings under Part X of the Women’s Charter (Cap 353)

The procedural rules applicable in matrimonial proceedings under Part X of the Women’s Charter (Cap 353) depend on the date the proceedings were commenced.

If the proceedings were commenced by a:


writ filed on or after 1 April 2006

petition filed on or after 14 April 2003

petition filed before 14 April 2003*

*Read the commencement provisions of each set of rules carefully to determine how or whether they apply to your case.


Last updated on: 20/12/2014 3:24 PM


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