The term "legal fees" is used loosely to refer to fees related to any legal matters. Generally, these are the fees involved in court cases:

  1. Fees paid to the lawyer you engaged to give advice, represent you in court or draft and submit documents required for your case.
  2. Fees paid to the court, also known as Court Fees, at various stages of civil cases which are usually paid when certain documents are lodged.
  3. Fees paid to the court for hearing civil cases, also known as Hearing Fees. Hearings are free for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd day.
  4. Fees for Court Services which you may need such as Translation Services, Interpretation Services or Commissioners for Oath.

Apart from legal fees, those lodging appeals may also need to set aside enough money for security deposits which the Court requires to cover the respondent's costs.