Child Representative


This section provides information on the appointment of a Child Representative at the Family Justice Courts (FJC).

What is a Child Representative?

A Child Representative represents your child's best interests and does his or her best to ensure that is the focus of any decision relating to the child.

A Child Representative does not represent your interests. He or she will not be in the position to give you legal advice.

A Child Representative will ascertain the child’s views and allow the child to be involved in decisions as to his or her future, in a way that takes into account the age and maturity of the child.

Remuneration of a Child Representative

A Child Representative will be remunerated by the parties unless the party is legally aided. The Court has the discretion to make any cost orders. Cost will however be in two tiers. The first tier of costs is fixed at $1,000.

The Child Representative may apply to Court for more costs to be paid in the next tier depending on the complexity of the case and amount of work required to be done. The Court will have the discretion on how to apportion such costs between the parties.

For information on the selection criteria and process for appointment to the Child Representative Panel, refer to the following documents: