Court Friends

This section provides information on Court Friends / Friends of Litigants-in-Person (FLiP) Programme at the Family Justice Courts (FJC).  The information provided below is general in nature and is not intended as legal advice. The Family Justice Courts cannot provide legal advice or assist with drafting the contents of any document.

The Court may, at any stage of proceedings, refer an unrepresented litigant to the Community Justice Centre (CJC) or other pro-bono agency for the assignment of a Court Friend / FLiP to assist him/her. It is up to the litigant whether or not he/she wishes to accept the referral.

The FJC partnered with the Community Justice Centre (CJC) to meet the needs of an increasing number of litigants-in-person (LIPs). The FLiP programme, modelled after the McKenzie Friend, was conceived to empower LIPs when they conduct their own trial.

The Court Friend / FLiP may provide practical and emotional support to the litigant, such as:

  • Providing information on court procedure and processes;
  • Providing emotional and moral support during the court processes;
  • Taking notes of court proceedings and organizing documents for use in court; and
  • Explaining key information and instructions by the attending judge during a court hearing, thus empowering LIPs to conduct their cases with confidence.

The Court Friend/ FLiP is not allowed to provide legal advice and/or represent the litigant in Court.

Interested persons may contact the Community Justice Centre for more details on how to become a volunteer.

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