Private Mediation

Mediation of Family Disputes by Private Mediators

Since 1 October 2016, family disputes with the following characteristics may be directed by the Court to private mediation service providers for mediation of the dispute:

  • There is a contested issue relating to assets where the gross value of all known assets is S$2 million or above; and
  • There are no contested child issues (i.e. disputes relating to the custody, care and control of and/or access to any child)

If the parties are directed to attend private mediation for their case, the mediation is either conducted by the Singapore Mediation Centre (SMC), or an agreed private mediator chosen by the parties. The Court may also make any orders and directions necessary to facilitate the private mediation, including orders on the payment of mediation fees, and fixing a date after the mediation for parties and/or counsel to return to Court to update on the outcome of the mediation.